to do list, or why I am feeling so anxious

January 28, 2008

fill out MCC reference form for Meryl (did today)
find phone number for Dave’s Bridal in South Bend (did today)
order bridesmaid dresses (I have even received the receipt)
finish personal statement (rough draft complete)
contact interviewee for U of I essay (did yesterday)
put together picture/poem for Grandma (done!)
sign up for GRE test time (did today)
contact U of I and Dominican and learn time frame for taking tests (looked at websites and figured it out myself)
– sign up for Basic Skills test (yesterday)
review resume and submit to U of I (done!)
– do taxes (maybe in February)
– find scholarships (February)
– fill out FAFSA (February)

Added Yesterday
– make payment for Paste magazine subscription
obtain tuition reimbursement from ETHS (submitted all info, still need the money though)
– submit transcript request to GC
– finish long overdue secret family christmas gift
write questions for interview (actually interview itself is also done)
– write interview essay

And the big one, that I am just itching to finish up

– Complete all application materials for both schools and submit them (March 1st)

This list also encapsulates why I hate applying to schools.

Update: I should also point out that applying to grad school is also crazy expensive and that is before you even get to the tuition part. I just plunked down $140 to pay for the GRE (the Basic Skills will be another $100), $8 for transcripts, and eventually another $75 in application fees. Jeepers, they must really like their students poor!

Update to the Update: I am taking the GRE’s on Saturday, which I am not exactly looking forward too.


  1. Hey, I don’t see any universities in Seattle on your list. At work we just hired a gal who had a good time studying library science at the UW. Hint hint.

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of stuff you have to do! Who is getting married? (can you tell wedding is on my mind?)

  3. I hate it when I use my iCal on my macbook and I make a todo list and it tells me in bright colours what i was supposed to do yesterday or *gasp* a few weeks ago….

  4. David – um about that whole U of Washington, I have actually decided that as much as I like the west coast (and the people who live there) I am going to stick around here.
    MLE – my lovely roommate Steph
    Nicole – so true!

  5. I still echo David’s comments. An old guy at my old-guys place told me today that he wishes he would have majored in library science, b/c they can make lots of money (more than mechanical engineering, by the way, in case that was on your mind) and you can take it anywhere you go, like the west coast, for instance ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway, my old guy friend supports your decision. Are you applying to other schools as well?

  6. I am applying to two schools, one in downtown Chicago and the other in Champaign, IL. But the latter one has an online program that would allow me to not have to commute downtown twice a night and still keep my day job.

  7. we should talk about GRE sometime…
    ’cause I should probably look into signing up if I’m considering grad school in the fall… or even spring…
    but really, I only have 1 option for school… ’cause there’s no way I can afford any other school (even with my 35% off–the 75% is a bit better, though still scary..)

  8. I didn’t know you were applying to grad schools. Cool. When do you want to start?
    I’ll have you know that my application fees for vet schools were about $500. Plus the GRE, transcripts, etc. And people wonder why I don’t want to apply again…
    I think I should just go study in France, where tuition for a year is something along the lines of 200 Euros a year.

  9. Tara – $500!!!! holy crap, that puts things in perspective for me ๐Ÿ™‚ And you should totally go to France, cause then you would meet hot french men, and I would visit you and it would be awesome ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lane – at least your one option is a pretty darn good one!

  10. […] you remember back to those bleary late january days, I was all in a dizzy about getting things done. And now I have completed the biggest part of that, grad school applications! The important thing […]

  11. […] like I had been thinking was the dreaded rejection letter. For those of you who don’t know I applied to two library science schools this spring. Of the two, one was an inexpensive (comparatively), […]

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