post-good movie glow

January 23, 2008

Have you seen “The Goodbye Girl”, not that crazy 2004 remake, but the good ole Neil Simon, Richard Dreyfuss, go to 100% 1970’s original? If you have, you may skip this post and continue on with your life, although I recommend watching this clip, because it may help you remember why you watched it in the first place. Now this is just a link because wordpress is sillyface about “embeding” things, but really follow this link, you won’t be disappointed. Actually wait, just so you know the good part starts just a minute or two in and the basic premise is divorced woman forced to share apartment with neurotic actor just after she is left by her boyfriend with a only a note. Oh and she has a cute as a button daughter. If you need to know more, check out the always helpful IMDB post about it, here.

Considering the high levels of romantic cynicism in my blood right now romantic comedies tend to produce more “yeah, rights”, “uggggghs” and rolling of the eyes, but I have to say this one seemed to actually seemed to be a picture of real relationships between people. Which means of course that along with the oohy goey parts they fight a lot. I have to say though that I can only hope that I fight so wittily with my unknown future significant other as these two do.

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