rounding up and moving on

December 31, 2007

It’s snowing outside and the apartment is lamp lit, tonight is New Year’s Eve. Always the awkward sister to Christmas in my mind, New Year’s seems a rather odd holiday. Maybe because Christmas was always more interesting, anticipated and more of a family event growing up. New Year’s was the holiday in which I tried desperately to be cool enough to have something to do, but at the same time preferred to stay in and just hang out.

Tonight we are throwing a low key party, chex mix and champagne kind of affair. I plan on wearing jeans and scruffy socks. Maybe I’ll be able to persuade our guests (of unknown numbers) to watch Sound of Music with me. We’ll turn on the TV in time to watch the ball drop and then we’ll blow out the candles on the ’08 cake and then probably go to bed when the sugar wears off.

The rest of the week will bring visits from friends, some personal berating in my attempt to get myself to finish up cough*start*cough grad school applications, work in the belated family Christmas gift and maybe clean my room.

Tomorrow I plan to take some time and do a bit of 2007 round-up so stay tuned and maybe I’ll even post my belatedly merry Christmas post 🙂

I hope you all have a lovely evening (especially if you happen to be enjoying fondue!)

One comment

  1. for some reason, I’m really itching to start grad school soon…
    … though I’m probably not prepared for it right now…
    … I just want to take classes again!

    in the fall… I’m going to take a lit course.

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