a probably too late christmas wish list

December 14, 2007

Did any of you know that Christmas is only 11 days away!  If so, WHY did you not tell me?  I have to admit I a little behind on this whole Christmas present thing.  My plans are brilliant, mind you if pulled of they would be grand, but I am not sure everything is going to happen as it should, considering the late date.

In other news if you are one of those people out there searching for what to buy me for Christmas, here are a few ideas:

a pretty tea pot and a new loose leaf tea strainer

a warm somewhat water resistant winter hat (maybe something like this) although one has to take into consideration the giant size of my head

some more work appropriate socks (preferably in shades/patterns of brown/grey)

a nice pair of gloves (maybe something like this, but black or grey)

one of those surge protector multiple outlet things that lets you plug lots of items into one outlet (maybe this one)

a new CD by the musicians behind the amazing, incredible Once (this one)

some nice decaf tea (maybe some Rooibos) (okay I got some of this already, but I’ll leave it on here, because who doesn’t need more Rooibos)

or maybe a nice fiction book to add to my huge list of “want to be reading right now” (I am really looking forward to reading this one)

UPDATE: After celebrating Christmas last night with the girls (three cheers for bread pudding and mimosas) the above items are no longer wished for.



  1. The McCall Smith book is certainly worth reading, but have you read the previous one in the series, “The Right Attitude to Rain”? It’s much better than “The Sunday Philosophy Club”: like Merlin, Isabel seems to grow younger rather than older.

    I am half-seiously asking for a chocolate fountain for Christmas – very decadent!

    Have a happy Christmas whatever you receive!

  2. yeah, I love Isabel, and I thought The Right Attitude to Rain was the best in the series. Mainly because it finally got the whole Isabel/Jamie thing figured out.
    Merry Christmas to you too!

  3. Did you get your presents? Merry Christmas!

    -Rock Goddess

  4. Did you get your presents? Merry Christmas!

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