art sale round-up

December 11, 2007

Okay that was really strange, it just erased my post, but left the title and categories….Anyways moving on.

As talked about in a previous post I had a table at this past weekends Art Sale. It was put together by the church and community I have been connecting with for the past year. Somewhat nervous about the whole idea of labeling my photographs as ART and asking people to spend MONEY on them, I got Tim to join me coming up with photographs. In order to give us some coherence we came up with the theme of traveling (big surprise there, right!) and picked our 11 favorite pictures taken in places we had visited. We ended up with a pretty impressive spread considering that Tim living in London for 2 years, and has traveled repeatedly to South America. All of mine were of course from my crazy big trip this summer.

What ended up being the biggest part of the weekend was preparing rather last minute for everything. In a rather stunning display of forethought I decided that I should have plenty of time to cut out 22 pieces of foam board, 22 pieces of brown bag and mount 22 pictures all on Friday night. This turned out to be a wee bit of an underestimate of time. Fortunately my wonderful roommate, who earned herself a better place in heaven for it, stayed up to midnight with me AND woke up at 8:30am in order to finish up the mounting. Also my other wonderful roommate drove to the store on Saturday morning to fetch adhesives, after I learned that double stick tape is not the complete solution to all your mounting needs.

After the chaos of Saturday morning, I ended actually getting the display set up, showered, fed and pretty much ready for whatever by around 2pm (only 1 hour after the show started). For the display itself I took a few boxes to serve as props for the photos. Covered everything up with scarves and then placed all the photos out with labels as to where they picture was taken and who took it. I have to say I really liked the end results.

Our displayPutting it all together

We had a pretty successful sale managing to earn $112. Which didn’t allow us to break even, but exceeded my expectations. But mainly the sale was fun because it gave me a lot of practice in receiving compliments (something that I am generally not so great at) and boosted my confidence that while the exotic nature of the locales were a part of what attracted people to my photos, there was something more. Also I really enjoyed the chance to see the creative talents of other people in the community put to use. Here are the most popular photos (I took the one on the left and Tim took the one on the right):

One of the more popular peicesTim's picture from Colombia


One comment

  1. Wish I could have been there. When you and Tim were 2 and 5 I never would have dreamed you would have an art show together.

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