who says you can’t switch thoughts mid….

December 6, 2007

Remember when I used to post happy things, maybe about the city, or about my friends, or about how pretty life can be. Yeah I miss that too. Too bad this blog has turned into lots of links and occasional blah fests. My current down in the dumps mood is pretty directly related to my “time of the month”, but also compounding on the regular issues in my life of non-direction, lack of peer groups, and more depressingly the lack of males. You know I don’t think I really want to write another post about how I don’t have a boyfriend. You know and I know the issue, why hash it out again.

Instead I am going to radically switch gears and tell you about something I am doing this weekend that I am really excited about. Essentially the church/community I have been connecting too over the past year decided to do an art show/sale/fundraiser thing. I thought it was a pretty cool idea so I volunteered to put some stuff together. But also being rather intimidated by the idea of having some of my photos labeled as ART and asking people to use their MONEY to obtain them, I got my older brother Tim to go in on the idea with me. So we came up with a theme (travel) and each picked out 12 pictures we had taken in various countries. Tim has the largest range seeing as he lived in England for 2 years and was able to take weekend jaunts to Spain and Germany, while I have essentially pictures from My Giant Trip this past summer. Today after school I am going to go get our selections printed out, then tonight and tomorrow will be spent crazily matting them all (paper bag on foam board, cause I am all kinds of classy). Then Saturday (from 1pm to 6pm) I will be over at the church peddling my wares and then again on Sunday from 12pm to 2pm. So if you are in the area, come check them out, because if no one buys them you all know what you are getting for Christmas.


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