a frustrating dilema

December 3, 2007

My age old recipe for dealing with “lady issues” has been caffeine (preferably intake methods include black tea and chocolate), sleep and comfy pants.  However I am discovering that the first and the third ingredients clash slightly with each other.

In other news my cat officially drinks out of the toilet (she also does laps around the apartment during the hours of 10pm to midnight and enjoys pouncing on and under the carpet.

I also love the fact that it seems the entire country experienced the same snow storm over this past weekend.  And via various internet forms I have enjoyed its progress the whole way from the west coast through the midwest to east coast.

One comment

  1. I always found that caffeine was the opposite of what my body wanted during that time… it sort of would make it feel better for just a tiny while, and then make the pain a lot worse.

    but sleep is always good.

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