Post Thanksgiving round-up

November 26, 2007

I have half started several posts these past few days, but like most things that one is unwilling to really commit too, they have not grown into much. Sometimes I feel like I have so many different things to write or talk about, but simultaneously nothing interesting to say. In order to attempt to guard against this scatterbrainedness I am going to write in complete paragraphs (I define paragraphs as 3 sentences minimum that tie together one thought) instead of a list, which let me tell you folks is a pretty incredible goal.

The cat threw up this morning. It was chunky, not too smelly, but highly annoying. I cleaned it up with paper towels and biodegradable cleaner.

I discovered that a pair of recently purchased jeans owe their smell not to gear oil, but to the dye used to achieve their dark wash. So I returned them to the store and was given a refund, which I promptly spent on a pair of lighter wash jeans. My personal stylist also persuaded me to buy a blazer, tunic and black knit jumper. I can now successfully impersonate either a business woman or a kindergarten teacher on command.

I have been watching a lot of The War documentary by Ken Burns recently. The episode I watched tonight was called FUBAR (fuck*d up beyond all reason) and tells several stores of generals who through ambition, stupidity, or just plain incompetence resulted in huge needless lose of life (although the documentary does a pretty good job of emphasizing the absolute randomness of death in war). What I find so fascinating in the series is how different our world seemed a mere 60 years ago.

My family came to Chicago for half a week over thanksgiving and a good time ensued. Games of Tichu were won and lost, much food was eaten, a badly done movie was watched, snow was frolicked in and several photos were taken. We also went to Brookfield Zoo where we got in touch with our inner primate, I saw lions that weren’t wild and a hippo grunted at us. I leave you with this brief pictorial representation of the main event of turkey feast.

post turkey game playing and dessert eating

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