maybe its the fog

November 21, 2007

or maybe its a recent update from Grace (a fellow traveler I met in Egypt this summer) but all of a sudden I got quite nostalgic about the times spent traveling this past summer.

Grace and I climbing down the easy way from Mt. Sinai

Traveling is always a rather crazy conundrum for me; I love it, yet I always find it slightly less thrilling then expected. I find that no matter how crazy the heat, slimy the guide, breathtaking the hills, or beautiful the sunrise, everything gets better in hindsight.

Sunrise over Mt. Sinai

I think part of this is how when I am actually traveling there is all this pressure to be having the time of my life. Not only does each day cost me more money, energy and time then it does at home, but when I am traveling I am seeing things that so few people have the privilege to experience. And for me that adds extra pressure to absorb as much as humanly possible.

During my last few weeks in China I remember this pressure being especially high, because not only was I never going to be able to replicate the experience, I would most likely never see some of the people I had grown to appreciate so much in my short 3 months in China again.

Dinner out with the roommates

In the end as much as I love to travel, I think it will always be the coming home part that makes any trip special.

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