all about my camera

November 19, 2007

Today has to be one of the quickest moving days in recent history, which of course is always okay with me. But more importantly I have things to say in relation to my so called life (this TV show is so like on my netflix queue).

Firstly a little known but much lamented story is how I haven’t had a functioning camera in over a month. The story begins with some amazing pictures that my younger brother took when I was back home in Goshen for the weekend.



I was so blown away by them, that I let him borrow it for a two week period. During which he took more amazing photos and also dropped it on its lens.

Grass against the sky

Fortunately (Thanks item number 1) this only kaputted the basic kit lens I got with the camera and didn’t damage the body of the camera.

Really upset by the broken lens

However this also meant that I needed a new lens and unfortunately now is not the most ideal financial time for this type of purchase. Especially because I didn’t want just any lens, I wanted this beautiful one that came so highly recommended from the girl who takes great pictures of lots of things including her cat in doll dresses. So in the end (and out of a desperation to take pictures of all the over photographed, but still oh so pretty leaves and upcoming thanksgiving festivities) I went ahead and sold out my financial plans for the next 3 months and bought the sucker.

So basically when Wednesday and my beautiful new lens arrive, I will be one happy girl.


One comment

  1. You look like a sad crab. I’m thinking Sabastian. Love it. Fingers crossed about it getting here on time.

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