some of my favorite people

November 12, 2007

are adolescent boys who have recently discovered the joys of a changed voice and therefore spend much of their day producing long remarks and meaningful silences.


  1. I have four questions for you – three of which you may be able to answer:

    1) Number.
    2) Why do they call it cavemlan and not caveman? Is this a feminist thing?
    3) Did you actually go IN the cave or was it some sort of fantasy?
    4) Why don’t they call it cavaederman?

  2. I have the following answers that may or may not relate to your questions.

    A) Letter.
    B) Cavemlan is more representative of the introspective whole of universal womynhood and therefore preferable over the out-dated and politically incorrect caveman.
    C) I am still unsure of that myself.
    D) The inclusion of the participle “der” is a throw back to the notion that all Neanderthals were German. After the radical experiments by Dr. Ipacathque in 1932, this was disproved and ever since then cavaederman has not been as scientifically accepted in most circles.

  3. 1) Scraps.
    2) Why is there a spoon in the goop if no one even uses it?
    3) Look around frantically! Jump up and down! DO IT!!!!!! Now answer me this: how is it that the Leviathan never woke you? You better be out of breath as you type the answer, or I won’t accept it.
    4) Is there another person in the room?
    5) Spank them?

  4. A) Wholes.
    B) Maybe there is actually a goop in the spoon.
    C) Roll over 7 times up the hill and then tell me why anyone would break their crown.
    D) Yes.
    E) Child abuse prevention laws prevent this from occuring.

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