how to have an odd, but delightful friday evening

November 9, 2007

Meet two co-workers at a pub for drinks at 5.

Have them buy you drinks.

Consume them (the drinks, not the co-workers) and THEN eat some dinner.

Enjoy the way this makes you kinda dizzy when you get up to go to the bathroom.

After the pub walk home with your roommate.

Spot the local Blockbuster and decide now is the perfect time to buy previously viewed DVDs.

Notice that the grocery store is located across from the Blockbuster and decide that now is the perfect time to buy random prepackaged junk food.

Remember you are a spend thrift so decide on the 12 pack of diet coke because it is the same cost as the 6 pack.

Walk home 1/2 mile carrying the following contents in plastic bags:

Catch & Release
The White Countess
Alias Season 1
History Boys
1 bag of chips
1 dozen day old donuts
12 pk root beer
12 pk diet coke
1 glamour magazine
1 snickers bar

Laugh the entire way home.



  1. sounds fun!

  2. nice.

  3. ALIAS!!!!

    I saw Catch & Release on a plane last year. I…might have enjoyed it if it hadn’t been so pertinent to my own life at the time. Meh. Parts of it made me rather angry.

    But I do like Jennifer Garner. Perhaps I should give it another chance.

  4. Sometimes I wonder whether grocery store checkers pay attention to what people buy, and whether certain combinations of items raise eyebrows. Seems to me like the contents of your bags represented a good chunk of entertainment!

  5. I have wondered that about grocery store checkers as well, especially on those odd grocery runs where I end up with eggs, deoderant and kitty litter in my cart.

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