tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love ya tomorrow

October 31, 2007

Sorry about that folks, I am on a random-song-lyric-as-post-title binge and no gold stars for naming that song, because seriously who doesn’t know that one.  Oh maybe if you claim that you don’t know what song that lyric comes from in the comments, then I’ll give you some gold stars 🙂

Anyways tomorrow is the beginning of November which means several things (oh boy here comes a list, prepare yourselves).

– Today is Halloween (yes isn’t it amazing how every year the 31st of October comes right before November 1st, terribly fascinating)

Thanksgiving is in November, therefore using the above point, we can logically conclude that Thanksgiving will be officially closer tomorrow!

– Some people like to write novels in a month, this led to a certain form of craziness known as National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo.  This then spawned off NaBloPoMoin which instead of writing an entire novel in one month, you post to your blog every day.  I am of course tempted to do so, but then I think to myself does this blog really need more forced random posts with little content and lots of lists?


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