things high schoolers do in the back room when they don’t think I am looking

October 29, 2007

– eat their lunch

– play footsie with their neighbor

– text each other about the hot boy they sit next to in algebra and how pop quizes totally suck

– lay on the floor

– eat loud crunchy pretzels

– toss around bags of banana bread until they burst on the floor, sending crumbs flying (this happened just the other week)

– sleep

– listen to music on their iPods

– rearrange the shelves to fit their own idea of “order”

– make out in the back corner (yes I walked up and caught them and yes I was traumatized by all the butt-grabbing going on)



  1. oh, this is great. really, do they think that we are missing our eyes? or our senses? or what…sheesh. i mostly have to deal with texting…my favorite is when they have nothing out on their desk, but their eyes are looking down intently at their hands…which are under the desk…holding a cell phone…:)

  2. too bad you can’t throw nerf balls at them… or can you?
    or find out if you can get a little spray bottle and just go “no. no.” just like you would to a puppy or kitten…

    … there’s a good reason why I’m not working in grade schools…
    those ideas are just mild ones…

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