last night I had the strangest dream, I ever dreamed before

October 26, 2007

Okay not the strangest, but for someone who rarely even remembers  them it was slightly odd.  Oh and 3 gold stars to the person who can name the artist (or artists) who sang the above song lyric.

It started out driving all day and most of the night with my younger brother and dad to a resort somewhere.  There we met up with the rest of my immediate family and my aunt, uncle and cousin.  The resort was quite posh, but also missing a lot of walls and doors (for example the door to one bathroom was a spray of water).  I crashed pretty quickly and slept (isn’t sleeping in ones dream rather odd in and of itself?) and the next morning I was woken up by my aunt tugging on my foot (through the walls of the bedroom) from inside a vehicle that contained everyone else in my family.  They informed me that they were heading out in 15 minutes and wanted to know if I would come with them.  This of course sent me into a tizzy because I knew that this was the morning that I HAD to wash my hair, and I was super pissed about waking up late.  Anyways the rest of my dream involved me running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to get a shower, get dressed, etc.  At one point a rather odd steward/bell boy person kept hitting on me in a very awkward way.

Anyone else have a weird dream last night?



  1. Simon & Garfunkel, bien sur!

  2. 3 gold stars coming your way!

  3. must be something in the air… or maybe water…
    I don’t remember much from last night, but recently, my dreams have been very vivid.. and I can sometimes remember more than one dream or theme from each night too…

    but a door made out of a water spray… pretty cool…

  4. sweet! gold stars!

  5. Actually, that anti-war song was written by Ed McCurdy in 1950. Simon and Garfunkel made it a hit, though!

  6. thanks for the info Julia, 3 gold stars to you as well 🙂

  7. your dreams are weird. just thought you should know.

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