delightfully random tidbit friday

October 26, 2007

Frank Newby and Gayle BurtonThe StoryCorps at NPR comes up with some real gems sometimes, check this one out.

“They’ve been married for 57 years, but when Gayle Burton first met Frank Newby, she would not have predicted such a long-lasting relationship. It all started on a triple blind date that Gayle dreaded.”


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  1. Thanks for running the article that we did for Story Corps. I never realized it would get so much attention. I would like to inform the public that I have just written a story of that 57 year love affair. It is titled “His Name Was Amy Mable.” It is available from all websites such as Barnes and Noble and Amazon. It is also available autographed from me. Anyone interested should contact me at my e-mail address. I am submitting with this note the back cover copy for my new book.

    Back Cover Copy
    His Name Was Amy Mable

    Treat yourself to a trip down memory lane! This book will appeal to the senses of the elderly with nostalgic recollections of an age of hardship, struggle and achievement. It will recall the sights and sounds of a more bucolic world minus the mind numbing screech of electric amplification. It recalls the valor of a country at war. America was sacrificing its life blood while reeling under the burden of wartime rationing. It will stir the memory of strolls down a country lane with the aroma of new mown hay and honeysuckle wafting from the fence rows.
    It is a must read for the very young or the growing teen-ager. It will impart a vision of a way of life that they will never know. It will implant vivid pictures in their memories. The young will live vicariously through the eyes of “Little Raz.” He is reminiscent of the beloved characters of Mark Twain. The teen-ager will react to the frustrations and emotions of a young boy living poor, working hard and wanting more.
    Every incident in “Amy Mable” is true. It was experienced by the author in a long and exciting life. Come with me down memory lane.

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