double paragraphical newsletter

October 16, 2007

I think this is one of those days where I really want to post, but my head is both a jumble of random events and so foggy that noble goal of wit, clarity, and cohesion are all beyond my reach.   Therefore I will attempt only brevity.

Beyond the mundane pattern of work and weekend, I have recently started reading Gordon Atkinson’s book “RealLivePreacher.com” and I have found it so interesting that I have been persuading my roommates to let me read it to them out loud.  So far they seem to like it and be as moved by it as I have been.  RealLivePreacher is a blog by a southern Baptist preacher living in Texas, it started out anonymously, but now he blogs under his real name.  I began reading his blog almost 3 years ago and have been reading it on and off ever since.  If you are a skeptical Christian who balances the duel desires of living faithfully and doubting completely I highly recommend both his blog and book.  Oh and to sweeten the deal, Gordon has been personally signing each book with a note and including a few little somethings into the book when he ships them (I got a very cool Talking Taco CD and a piece of gum)

Okay I lied, I can’t keep this post to two paragraphs.  So here is my short basic update.  This past week I have been fighting a bit of an on and off cold/allergies, so much of my life seems to take more energy than I feel like I have.  However life is overall going well, I am a little worried about my class (procrastination is at an all time high right now), but I feel like many things in life, it is impermanent and will pass in due time.  A highlight of this past week was having two amazing meals cooked by my downstairs roommates.  Becca made (I kid you not) Squash ravioli (she made the pasta all by hand!) with a Sage cream sauce and Steph made a traditional sunday dinner meal of Meatloaf with BBQ sauce, Mashed Potatoes and Green Bean Casserole (she even made lemonade).  At some point in the near future I should try to update you all on my new decision to get more involved with the intentional Christian community in my neighborhood.

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