deranged kitty antics

October 4, 2007

Our kitty has this routine where she will attempt to communicate with us in very Lassie-like fashion; rubbing against our ankles, meowing piteously, giving us pointed stares and then briskly waddling off.  However this is not an attempt to tell us that Timmy fell down a well or that an old lady needs help crossing the street, no the super big emergency in kitty’s world is the emptiness of her food bowl.  Granted we are underfeeding her right now (we are out of dry food due to an extreme case of no-grocery-shopping-in-the-recent-past), but seriously the thick layers of blubber that she has on either side make her meowing and carrying on a little overzealous.  Maybe one day her little kitty brain will grow larger than her own food bowl, but I wouldn’t hold my breath 🙂


  1. Here’s what my (Sidekick) Sam can do: If we lock him out of the bedroom, he stands on his hind legs and rotates the doorknob ’til it opens. If he’s hungry, and I’m chained to the computer, he hunkers down on the sofa and glares and me. His meow is pitiful. I surrender, eventually, and feed the guy. He’s a big boy. If I cut his portion down, he hounds me from every room and gets his way. He has a 3 minute tolerance of modeling hats, but won’t pose for a snapshot. Bad boy.

  2. very funny post.

    Happy Birthday. (Its around about now isn’t it? I’m confused. Where is the random thing you promised us?).

  3. I can’t wait to get a kitty of my own one day…
    I need to come up and visit kitty someday… and you too of course… 😉
    happy bday, see you tomorrow?

  4. Happy birthday – I hope you have a great celebration, too.

    My senior cat has acne – she’ll be 13 on 19 October, and it is, after all, a typical teenage ailment. Worse, her favorite veterinarian has had an accident on her bicycle and is out of commission. This cat miaows at 5pm daily for dinner. Unlike her, my baby cat does not live to eat and is not passionate even about roast chicken.

  5. Abby F, wowsas, it sounds like your cat is quite intelligent or at least nimble, our cat is neither, considering another of her ways to attempt to gain food is to fling herself at the counter in a vain attempt to jump up to the food

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