high five, low five

September 20, 2007

I have a very real weakness for lists.  They are so friendly and transition free, they adapt well to randomness and can also make you look oddly organized.  So really just a great invention all around.  So what follows is a list of 5 good and 5 bad in my life right now:

The Bad

 – Now I understand that everyone (except for those genetic freaks who skip this entire portion of becoming an adult) has to deal with acne at some point in their lives.  So I tried not to whine about it too much in high school and even college, because really, that’s life folks.  But let me just take a moment now to point out that I am 23 (just a few weeks short of 24) and I currently have a blazing trail of zits leading directly onto the side of my lip (wow wasn’t that a really awful mental image their folks!).  If you have ever had the agony of a zit on the outside of your lip, you know what I am talking about, and if you haven’t, just count yourself lucky.

 – I got 5 hours of sleep last night, enough said

 – I didn’t win the lottery this month

 – No hot boys have asked me out this month either (and I haven’t met any boys who I want to ask out this month)

 – Do you like how by saying this month, I made that sound like a very new problem, see I am so sneaky like that.  Now onto the good, which was the real point of this post.

The Good

 – Autumn, I can’t tell you all how much I love this season, from sweaters and skirts, to cider and pumpkin, to crisp weather and windy leaves, I love fall.  And personally I think it is the best season in Chicago, I mean obviously winters are out, and I think summers are too humid, so really who doesn’t love fall.  (Also fall is responsible for that cool word autumnal, which is just so much fun to say)

 – Meryl, she is here, she is cool and life shouldn’t be any other way

 – New apartment, the other evening Jess and I were sitting out on our porch late in the evening chatting and I was just realizing how much I have missed having a place to sit in my pjs and still be outside.  That really is a great combination, especially if you through in some english rose tea, a little bit of a breeze rustling through the tree leaves, a meowing cat (she hates the back porch, but I like having her out there, so she will just have to deal) and a good friend, perfection.

 – MCC Relief Sale, for those of you who don’t know this is the Mennonite bonanza of food, drink (cider that is!), quilts, crafts and stuff-buying that raises lots of money for our overseas service/mission/relief agency.  So I plan on going and stuffing my face with apple fritters, giggling with my friends, running into every single person I know, drooling over quilts, riding the trolley and stocking up on Mennonite staples like cheese and sausage.

 – Returning to normalcy, now obviously one doesn’t want to get complacent or bored, but there is something really lovely about finding oneself back into routine.  As I have made the transition from the freedom of summer back to the demands (I won’t lie they aren’t that heavy) of work, I found myself groaning a lot at first.  But now as we have the chaos of moving behind us and I am in to the swing of my class and work, I find myself actually enjoying the routine of grouching around the apartment in the morning, of doing the crossword with Jane, of seeing the crazy outfits that high schoolers wear, of getting piles of new magazines on my desk, of watching the periods tick by, and savoring the first minutes home after work, of riding the L to my class every Wednesday, watching the city go by the windows of my bus, of walking through campus, and of finally beginning to settle in.


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