coffee shop green

September 15, 2007

Random question: I was about to title this “coffee shop blues” but then I realized that I am not really feeling blue right now at all. So which color would best reflect the opposite of blue (the emotion)? I could go with red, but I feel like that is a pretty passionate color, not necessarily happy. Or maybe yellow, that is a nice sunny color, but I have to say I tend to associate yellow with yellow snow. So how about green, its a nice growing positive color, right?

I figured I should probably update you all on some of the major things that have happened in my life, but have not made their way onto this blog.

First, I went on a huge trip this summer (okay, okay I realize this is probably already known and very obvious) but in case you missed that fact and want to know the details, check out my travel blog at Traveling Girl.

Second I moved! Only 2 blocks, but transitioning from 4 women in a three bedroom (we used the third bedroom as common space, so it was 2 in each room) to 4 women in 2 two bedrooms is a lovely change. I am relishing having space of my own and a rather enormous space at that. I will try to post some pictures, but that probably won’t happen until the end of September because we don’t get internet back until the 25th.

And as a part of that move, Becca and Steph will finally be moving into their apartment right below us today at 1pm. Which means the craziness of transitioning is almost over, and the possibility of feeling really settled and in place is only a few days (and lots of work) away.

This fall I also started taking an evening class in education which I hope to use towards a Masters in Library Science once I get accepted into a program. The plan is to apply to two different programs this fall and hopefully start classes either next summer or next fall depending on where I get in. At this point I don’t have the financial ability to go full time, but my job is such that working and taking one or two classes a semester shouldn’t kill me.Jess, with working left elbow

Another big deal has been an event that happened to my roommate Jess on Labor day. Despite her amazing grace and stability she managed to fall on her left elbow and gained a radial-head fracture. This is quite an inconvenience for her (especially effected her abilities as a night-prowling vampire killer), especially because she can’t move it or use it for the next few weeks. The nice part is that I plan on using this as an excuse for why our apartment isn’t yet unpacked completely.

Oh and the other big news is that Meryl is coming to visit this week! This is huge news especially when combined with other happy events such as how the sun is shining here, my hair is in braids, the MCC relief sale is next weekend and I have lots of caffeine in my system!



  1. I believe that the French see blue as the colour of happiness. For me it’s pale green. In Australia we say “plaits” rather than “braids”, though I think the latter term has caught on via television. I love plaits/braids – delightfully retro and beautiful.

    My baby cat (well, 2 years old but my baby) is going to be groomed on Friday – a mammoth undertaking requiring sedation as she is a Persian. I wonder whether she could have little braids?! Last time the groomer put rose perfume on her, which alarmed my other cat until it rubbed off on her too.

  2. So which color would best reflect the opposite of blue (the emotion)

    I think blue is it’s own opposite. The color of the sky reminds me of happiness (ala Irving Berlin and apparently the French), but a darker, sea-like blue reminds me of sadness and lonely times.

    Have you ever seen a double rainbow? All the ‘blue-ish’ colors get smooshed towards the outside. It’s really beautiful. Maybe the opposite faces of a double rainbow can reflect the opposite interpretations of the color?

    Good luck to your roomate Jess on getting back into the vampire-hunting.

  3. mirabella – I like the idea of saying plaits versus braids that has a nice ring too it, I think I like braids because they help make me feel that I am living in the days of the Little House on the Praire. And I have to say a cat with little braids all over would be highly amusing, although being a cat I am sure your Persian would hate it.

    halfawake – I think I would have to agree with you about the difference between the two blues, because the blue of sky is always a happy thing for me as well.
    And actually I have seen a double rainbow and I love your interpretation of it. I’ll make sure to pass your good wishes onto my roommate.

  4. Hi meongirl. Nice to read an update. I haven’t visited for awhile because we’ve been away too. The new living arrangement sounds fun. Friends living one flight up! It sounds like an American sitcom or drama set. More space and space of your own will also be wonderful.

    I remember moving from small to bigger places. I started off with just a car full of stuff and as I moved to bigger places the amount of stuff increased exponentially. Next move it took my car a friends car and a trailer. Now we use moving vans and its just too rediculous to contemplate.

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