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September 12, 2007

For all my talk of intention and reading before I publish, as one can see I haven’t been all up with the posting recently.  In my own defense I have a pretty good list of crappy excuses.  Do you want to hear them?  Good, I thought you might:

– no internet until Sept 25th: Despite my extraordinary telepathic abilities, I have yet to manage to post directly from brain to blog.  Therefore my posting will be quite diminished (notice how my last 3 posts were during work hours) until, say AT&T reconnects our lifeblood (aka Internet).

– moving crap:  Because we are actually going to be moving for good out of the little apartment of our dreams this coming Saturday I have been busy packing up the 13 small piles of plants, mugs, printers, etc that I forgot to pack the first time I moved.  (Oh and I will go into more details on this whole move thing when I have photo posting capabilities, but I will just say my own room + deck + west facing windows = happy abby)

– night class: I have to say my mind is going through a bit of a warp zone with this whole assigned reading thing, all of a sudden I once again have that lovely lingering feeling of guilt during the evenings when I want to watch Angel/go to pub/go to sleep/read a different book instead of read John Dewey’s writings about education.

I hope you enjoyed my little whine fest there and as your reward I picked a few (like 27) of my favorite most recent xkcd comics for your enjoyment:


I love humor that pokes fun at librarians, however I am actually a complete book-mutilator myself cause I can never find my bookmarks.


I do this ALL the time, I am Border’s worst nightmare.

Dating Pools

This totally gives me hope.

And a few more for you to check out on your own:
Wikipedian Protester
Action Movies


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  1. […] and entertainers from before I was born – That having one’s own lovely room (with south and west facing windows!) makes me really […]

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