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so like totally I’m back!

August 12, 2007

Basically I just wanted an excuse to announce to the world (all 4.5 of you that still read this thing) that I am back in the states, back from Egypt, back from England, back from South Africa and Italy and most recently back from a week long trip to Oregon. But more importantly today while hanging about the city with my two awesome brothers I managed to catch a glimpse of both of the major films being shot in Chicago right now. The first is Wanted, which is opening next year and stars Morgan Freeman, Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. And of those three I happened to glimpse the important one, yes that is Mr. McAvoy himself and the reason that I know it was him despite the relatively short time I saw the set (we were on a bus going south on Clark St.) was that I totally recognized who he was without any prior knowledge that he was even in town (my brothers can totally attest to that).

But the really cool part was when we were down in the loop and trying to cross north over the river. It turns out they were filming a helicopter sequence low over the chicago river. So despite being told we had to go away, we were able to watch the helicopters fly low over the river (I could see the stuntmen inside quite clearly) several times as they made their takes. So next summer when we go see The Dark Knight (Batman Begins sequel) I am totally going to be watching for that shot.

Okay I promise to return to normal none movie struck behavior tomorrow and maybe even tell you about Oregon. Lots of love and goodnight!



August 2, 2007

It’s 5am and I can’t sleep, I am lying on the futon in the guest room, because I dont’ have my bed anymore (it was sent home to Goshen before I left on the trip).  The cat is nuzzling my computer (she slept with me for most of the night, despite not being willing to give me a proper hello last night).  Last night I was welcomed home by the girls, which was great, but I have to say odd in that this is the first big trip I have returned from in that my greeters were not my own family, but friends.  I guess this is the way things go when one gets older and moves to the city.

So now I am home, although only for 2 days, we leave Friday evening for Oregon, weddings and the beach.  Although Steph informed me that the forecast for the beach is cool and rainy.  Within the past 3 days I have been in 3 countries, I saw a few hours of Milan, a night in London, 3 movies on our return flight and now everything is done.  I still have pictures to upload and maybe a few stories to share, but I am not sure if I will be doing that on this blog or back on Mennogirl.  Either way I’ll let you know.  Maybe its the early morning, or the silence of this apartment, but I have to say part of me feels like I may have never left at all.