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Saying goodbye to temples and hello to the beach

July 24, 2007

After going on a whirlwind tour of the West Bank temples and tombs in Luxor yesterday morning, Z and I caught a 5 hour bus to Hurghada (during which we entertained ourselves by watching the very strange dancing Arab man on the TV, playing endless rounds of continuous Solitare, playing the create a sentence game and not sleeping) and then this morning we got up and caught the ferry to Sharm and there the 1ish hour packed mini-bus ride up here to Dahib.  Despite our hotel not being beachfront, the beach is just a few yards away and we have air-conditioning, a swimming pool and most of all free time.

I have to admit as much as I have loved seeing the various temples and ruins that constituted the main part of our trip up and down the Nile I am looking forward to relaxing and hopefully meeting up with some of our new friends.  Proposed group activities include a night on Mt. Sinai in order to see the sunrise, snorkeling in Dahib and hopefully my first scuba diving adventure in Sharm El Sheikh.  So far the scenery on the Sinai peninsula is very different from the heat soaked lusciousness of nile-side Luxor and Aswan.  Here the mountains are jagged, reddish-brown and barren except for a few small shrubs that poke up in surprising green colors.  I found myself realizing that the Biblical Israelites must have had a much worse time of then I had previously imagined.  While obviously there is more to Sinai that just the small stretch that I have seen, but already I find the idea of living among its inhospital craggy peaks hard to imagine.  I think I would definitely want some manna.

Stories to note at a future time include:

  • the value of floating sunglasses
  • the columns of Karnak
  • descriptions of tombs
  • etc

Thanks again to all of you who have A) been reading this rambling notes this summer B) been commenting on them C) promised to give me great big hugs when I return.