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pyramids and camels

July 15, 2007

Today was pyramid day, lots of them, very high, very rockish, lots of sand, and some blue sky. Last night after discussing with a tour guide from our hotel and consulting various guide books and our own instincts decided to get an inexpensive tour that will take us to all the places that we wanted to go in Egypt, but without the unknowns. Essentially the tour pays for transport, hotels and guides and then we pay for our own meals and entrance fees. This feels like a nice option because we still get the freedom of deciding where to go, without the worry of negotiating in Egypt without Arabic and only our white take my money skin to help us along.

How to describe Cairo is a little bit of a puzzle it is all the obvious of loud, crowded and full of staring men. Yet what I find myself really longing for is a discussion with one of them women walking down the street or to have a family invite me to there house. It is clear that Egyptians are very friendly, even if often the warmth is directed more towards my wallet than to myself. Despite my modest (by Western standards) dress I often feel the need to put on more clothing after walking down the street. I get stares all the time, while Z has noticed that he gets more stares if he walks behind me than if he walks in front of me. People are everywhere, which is no surprise considering 95% of Egyptians live in 5% of its land mass.

Today was a whirlwind, with 4 sites and a carpet and papyrus shops as well. I will maybe try to write more late, but now food and some more water are calling.