parting is such sweet sorrow

June 15, 2007

Well folks, this is it, in a few hours (7 to be exact) I am heading out the BIG TRIP. My bags are packed and I am ready to go, but in someways still feeling completely unprepared. But then I never really feel prepared for adventures, they just seem to eventually appear and need to be taken. So here are a few notes of interest before I make the big puddle jump.

Kitty Cat

This week has been great/crazy/long/gone in a flash. Not having work was a huge blessing, because I am pretty sure my head would have completely exploded otherwise.

Da and Mum

Last weekend, the parentals came up for a visit, and we all went to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. It was really great to spend time with them and frolic in the sun.

Shadow Famliy

Charletta helped me clean our apartment windows this week, so thanks to her they are all nice and sparkly!

Alright, you’ll need to head over to Traveling Girl now, cause this is the last Mennogirl post for little while. (Okay by you’ll, I mean the 10 actual readers and the 30 people who find this blog by searching for “fablous reasons for being tall” and “arab thongs”)


One comment

  1. Ok, heading over to Traveling Girl, then!
    But I’d like to wish you a fantastic trip first — have fun!

    And please take & post lots of pics we can look and ‘wow’ at while getting drowsy after a long day of work… 🙂

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