photo op: weekend addition

May 30, 2007

Just in case you missed all the signs I’ve been leaving, I have a new camera! It is beautiful and takes lots of lovely pictures. Here are some of the ones that I really like, if you want to see more check out my flickr account to the left.

Kitty Cat

Sometimes the kitty likes to pretend that she is actually a sweet mannered little fur ball, don’t be fooled.

My obligatory camera self-portrait in mirror

In fulfillment of my duties as a new Canon Rebel Xt owner, I had to take this shot.  But look how I managed to make the strangest expression while doing so.

Jess pondering

Jess ponders such things as hummingbirds, how much toothpaste really does fit into a tube, what her favorite kind of jam is and how much she hates me for posting this picture.

Using the force

Nothing stops Big K, not even the force.


Steph does her best, “Who me, never!”


  1. I love your cat photos – please keep posting them! My two-year-old cat has an appointment with the v-e-t (I hardly dare to think the word lest she pick it up via ESP) in three hours. She needs her annual shot plus maybe another acupuncture treatment as she has been diagnosed as possibly autistic as a result of severe health problems in her kittenhood. (No, I’m not weird… well, not very.) It’s laser acupuncture, and she quite enjoys it.

  2. I am glad you like the pictures and yes nothing short of wild horses could stop me from posting more (oh and maybe leaving the country for 2 months). I hope your kitty survives her v-e-t trip!

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