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May 30, 2007

I finally got a new post up on my summer blog, go check it out.



  1. I must confess I do not understand this dual blog concept. What’s wrong with one blog? I’d complain about having to check more places except I use bloglines so I guess that’s moot…

  2. Hey you and your whining and your coming back from Europe and your having lots of pictures that I want to see, listen here. I have two blogs so that I can have all my travel related summer adventure posts together in one place and so that I can tell people to check that blog if they are interested in my trip without overwhelming them with the whole of Mennogirl. So there.

  3. Umm, isn’t that what tagging is for? But fine, I withdraw my complaint.

    p.s. Next time please reply in my blog’s comments; I almost missed seeing this.

    p.p.s. I just updated my European tour post with lots of pictures so enjoy! Unfortunately they were taken with my sister’s cheap camera instead of my Canon so the quality is somewhat questionable, but oh well.

  4. Cool, I didn’t know Rachel’s German connections were at the Weierhof.

    I also didn’t realize my blog was still having troubles in IE. I’ll work on that. Are you using IE6 or IE7? And what screen resolution?

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