the hunt for the sun hat

May 25, 2007

As I have been thinking about (and purchasing) things for my summer trip, I have realized I need a sun hat.  Considering I will be in sunny places that may or may not reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit, I need to have my entire head covered in glorious hat.  However the problem with this is that I don’t have a “one-size fits all” kind a head, I have more of a large orbed, just like my brothers, too big for my shoulders kind of head.  I never have the option of just trying on a hat in a store and have it actually work.  So I am am hunting for a sun hat that both packs well and will actually fit me.  Coincidentally all this hat thoughts must have hit the subconscious, because I am pretty sure I had a dream last night were I spent a large portion of time trying to measure my head.


  1. I bought a super-wide-brimmed floppy hat at a Charlotte Russe (a teeny-bopper store) in a mall a few weeks ago. I have a big head too. I really like it except it’s a little TOO floppy. My other sun hat is teh awesome and comes from Australia, but my friend who got it for me bought it from the person who made it and I have no idea who that person was or whether that person sells hats online or anything.

    Sorry, that wasn’t especially helpful. I suggest going to a hat store and trying on flexible straw or straw-like hats until you find one you like.

  2. thanks for the tip, my alternative plan is to just wait until I get to Egypt and than just buy something in a bazaar, but yeah I need to do some mall shopping! 🙂

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