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the hunt for the sun hat

May 25, 2007

As I have been thinking about (and purchasing) things for my summer trip, I have realized I need a sun hat.  Considering I will be in sunny places that may or may not reach 120 degrees Fahrenheit, I need to have my entire head covered in glorious hat.  However the problem with this is that I don’t have a “one-size fits all” kind a head, I have more of a large orbed, just like my brothers, too big for my shoulders kind of head.  I never have the option of just trying on a hat in a store and have it actually work.  So I am am hunting for a sun hat that both packs well and will actually fit me.  Coincidentally all this hat thoughts must have hit the subconscious, because I am pretty sure I had a dream last night were I spent a large portion of time trying to measure my head.