fighting the packrat

May 18, 2007

Last week, Becca and finally decided to tackle the room, i.e. the desk so covered in papers that the surface was completely hidden and the corner of clothing which absorbed almost half of our already limited floor space.  The desk part wasn’t too bad, I finally found my reward Amazon certificate and a bill that I need to pay this month. 

But the clothing was frustrating.  I never want to throw clothing away!  I have this fear that the moment I part with that pair of jeans, sweater, sandals, etc will be exact moment that I have a desperate need for it.  Also it is only in the past few years that I have discovered that it is possible to find flattering relatively inexpensive clothes that fits me.  I still remember my first pair of flare jeans that I acquired in eighth grade.  I loved them so much, because finally I could wear something cooler than my mom jeans and tee-shirts.  (I think this outfit also included a greed cord jacket and a blue velour tee-shirt, so um, I am not sure that anyone else would have agreed on the whole “fashionable” thing.)  I loved those jeans to death, literally.  I think I finally parted ways with them my senior year of high school (this is after they got stained by some kind of tar substance and developed an unfortunate stain on their back side). 

Even now when I feel like I have a wardrobe that includes such things as flattering jeans, cute dresses, fun sweaters and even a few high heels, I still feel have this idea that I could run out of quality clothing at any moment.  Fortunately this irrational fear hasn’t resulted in me becoming a shopping addict (I think my thrifty Mennonite side will always be too strong for that), but instead I have to keep forcing myself to unpack the rat.


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