the environment has gone to crock, why bother saving it?

May 8, 2007

Yes indeed that is the brilliant argument being used by Midwest Generation power plants as to why they shouldn’t have to pay for $800 million dollar improvements.  Besides they say, these riverways are better when there are no fish, because the only fish left are just exotic species that are taking over native species.  Brilliant plan, MG, the rivers are so polluted by your gunk and hot water (sometimes over 100 degrees) that at this point we should just think of them as bargeways.  I think we should start to apply this everywhere.

Utility’s bottom line: Killing fish a positive


One comment

  1. Eek! Perhaps we should send them to the moon, where there is no environment. Then they could generate all the power they wanted without messing things up for the rest of us.

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