peace breaks out!

May 8, 2007

You know how peace tends to be defined as the absence of war and just that.  But peace is more than that and it is so easily overlooked by today’s media and tomorrow’s historians.  I mean how often do headlines read: “Millions Get Along Well with Each other today” or “Thousands Decide to Stop Picking on Their Younger Brother” or “Two Countries Use Diplomacy”

So if any one would like to read about how peace is breaking out, go check out this article:

Tuesday’s speedy, trouble-free formation of a 12-member administration jointly led by Paisley and McGuinness heralded an astonishing new era for Northern Ireland following decades of violence and political stalemate that left 3,700 dead.

Northern Ireland Power Sharing Begins


One comment

  1. Woo-hah! Of course, I don’t think the Chicago Tribune (that is what it’s called, right?) or the New York Times will be picking up that idea anytime soon, but people can dream, right?

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