what you should do this weekend

April 26, 2007

Tonight I am headed back to G-town for the big GC graduation and to see lots of cool people.  Therefore, I may not be blogging very much for the next few days, so of course I am sure that you all will be very bored and sad.  And because bored and sad is not a very good place to be, here are 3 blogs that I have recently found that you should read.

First: Life and Times of Big Calabaza is a really cool blog by a fellow Chicagoian (what is the name for a resident of chicago?) who I just met recently.  I would have to say this is the first person that I have met in the real world and then started to read their blog, plus she is really cool.  So go read her blog!

Second: Snackie’s World is a blog by a woman on a weight-loss journey.  She is snarky, snacky and rather fun.  I actually stumbled across her after back tracing Steph’s chain of blogging interviews.  I haven’t read Snackie a lot yet, but she seems like a hoot.

Third: In the Air is written by a 9-year old boy who is interested in cats, photography and interviews with other bloggers.  This site is great and he has already interviewed a lot of my favorite bloggers.  Go check him out!

See you all Monday!*

*In all honesty I will probably be poking my head in periodically over the weekend, you know to make sure the place doesn’t burn down (plus I am kinda addicted)


  1. This is Matthew’s (from In the Air) mom. Thank you for linking to him. That is very sweet.
    I love the picture in your header. Our cat sleeps like that too. Your cat looks so peaceful though….ours just looks like a beached whale.

  2. I’m glad you liked my picture, although I would have to say the only reason she looks so graceful is because she is stretched out. Otherwise she just tends to end up looking like a small rug.

  3. Hi this is Hilly from Snackie’s World….thanks for the shout-out and the linking! It was totally sweet what you said about me….erm, sweet and cool ;).

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