response to photo comments

April 25, 2007

Tim – Yes, several of them turned out. I think these two are my favorites.

tennis ball and gull

tennis ball

although I also like this one

Abby and Tennis Ball

Overstuffedchair – Okay, I would have to say that wordpress is not as great as say, blogger, is at easy image upload. However once you get the hang out of it, it isn’t too bad. First off all, when you go to the write tab to create a new post, you should see a menu bar at the bottom of which the first one is Upload. Pick the photo you want to upload onto your blog, fill in the info and click upload. Now this photo is uploaded onto your wordpress account and it is up to you to put it into a post. The easiest way to do this is to select the (pre-uploaded) picture that you want to post and then choose from the following option. Of the three show options, I always choose full size, because I can always limit its size later. As for the Link to option, you can choose any of the three; file will let someone who clicks on your picture to download it, page will send them to the page where the picture is posted and none will do nothing. Once you have clicked “Send to Editor” the picture should appear in your new post. Now don’t be scared if it takes up a lot of space, you can change that. In order to do so, click on the picture within your post to highlight it and then click on the small green tree icon in your option menu (same place as the bold, italics, etc). This allows you to edit your image. If you want to make the picture smaller you can change the dimensions. This is measured in pixels and your maximum width will differ depending on your blogs’ theme. For example I can’t really post anything larger than 400 pixels in width, or else it will make my blog go all screwy (note my use of technical language here). So you may have to experiment a little to find a good width for yourself. Also I generally don’t fill in both dimension spaces, because I don’t want to risk warping the picture. The Image editor is also where you can mess with spacing, borders and alignment. Although good luck with alignment, I haven’t yet figured out how to get my image to appear centered in the post.

Okay this was probably more information than you wanted to know, but let me know if this helps, or if it just confused you more 🙂

PS. I make the borders on my pictures through an edit to my CSS, however you should be able to get some nice effects using the border function.

PPS.  Tim took all three of these pictures.   And I have to admit when I told him he should take sand level pictures of the tennis ball, I didn’t think about how it would involve him having to lay down in the sand.  So it kinda made sense that Charletta thought I was playing a prank on him. 🙂


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  1. thank you:) that information was perfect.

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