assorted leftover pictures from Becca’s camera

April 24, 2007

Abby and Steph

This should probably qualify as reason 194 that I am so cool. (oh and look at Steph’s nose, can anyone see the pretty?)


You know how I told you about making baozi, here’s proof. Plus I threw in a fabulous french woman, aren’t you all so glad you read this blog.

Meryl and Abby

The Meryl and me in Seattle, reunited at last.

And finally the cat, in its native environment. Yes she is that fat and yes our living room is that color.



One comment

  1. so….i’m kind of inept at posting pictures—how did you get yours that size? whenever i upload files, it seems like i can only put little thumbnails that link to the bigger picture. any tips?? thank you:)

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