css question

April 18, 2007

So does anyone know how I can hide my blog title? I would prefer that it not appear on my site because I have it incorporated with my header. However when I remove it from the options, my page is without an easily read titles. Any ideas Internet people? (um and yes maybe I mean you David)

Oh and I still haven’t figured out which class/id/indicator thing I need to change to effect my font colors.  Ideally I would like them to echo the colors I use in my header, but again I only enough css to scratch the surface of a pinhead.



  1. Wait, I’m confused…first you say that you want to remove the title; then you say that when you got rid of it and the page didn’t have a title it was a problem. Which title(s) do you want to remove? (You can e-mail me unless you *want* this to be a public blog-comment conversation.)

    As for font colors, you just use color: #RRGGBB inside a selector where RR GG and BB are hexadecimal numbers between 0 and ff. Put it inside the body { } selector to set the default colors, and then you can override it in other selectors (I’d have to look at your stylesheet and HTML to know which ones…I can do this if you can’t figure this out, for a small fee of course ;). To set link colors use the a:link, a:visited, and a:hover “pseudoclass” selectors.

  2. David, you are a genius, thanks!
    See everyone, no more title, but I (and feed readers) still know its there!

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