blank, fill in the

April 17, 2007

Have you ever had those experiences when your brain seems to be in a weird loop?  First you’ll think about next year, wonder about grad school, which will make you think about money and how you don’t have much these days.  That will make you think about your summer plans and how it really is so ridiculous to spend so much money all in a 2 month shot.  Then that will have you thinking about sun and how that is one that that you will have plenty of this summer and then you will think about the Lake and how you love water.  Water leads to swimming and how you really want to go swimming more, and then about how you really should get more exercise.  Wait, you walked to work this morning (2 miles), so you pat yourself on the back for that one.  Then you notice that the sun is still shining but you are working, so you can’t be outside and then you think about how you really just want to get a part-time job so you can do other things than work.  Then you think about babies and wondering if you really want some, which of course leads to marriage, which leads to lack of dates in ones life, which makes you think about the Andrew Bird concert you won 2 free tickets to on Friday and how you kinda wanted to go with someone (i.e. male and romantically interested in), but how that didn’t really work out and how yesterday you wrote someone up for completely disregarding your request for them to work quietly, then you look up at the clock and realize it will be over 3 hours until you get home.  Which makes you think about being a librarian and what you are going to do next year….rinse and repeat.


  1. I have definitely had random thought jumps like that, especially at times when I should be studying, like right now.

  2. andrew bird???!!!!!!! how was it??

    we dam basementers also went to a concert on friday in indy – yo la tengo at the vogue theatre. we were in the front row. and it was an amazing show. amaaaaaaaazing.

  3. I have found that “studying” and “working” are often the same thing. And as for the Andrew Bird, I should clarify that the concert is this friday (i.e. two days from now). So of course I will give a full report at that time, but I have to admit, I think it is going to be awesome. Kudos for the front row yo la tengo, that sounds pretty amaaaazing.

  4. This sort of thing happns to me all the time, though these days it’s usually as I’m falling asleep – and this week it was wedding – car – wedding – car – wedding with some filler (usually money) in between. No, I’m not stuck in a rut or anything!

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