it’s friday the 13th so I can post as many times as I want, plus really long obnoxious titles are cool!

April 13, 2007

I recently discovered these old assignments for my web-design class I took my last semester at GC. This was the class that made me wonder if I should have major in Graphic Design instead of History (not because I was good at it, but because I liked it so much). Anyways I thought you might enjoy some of these, they make me laugh at least.

GG Coffeeshop
Creating a complete website was our final project and I really went to town on this one, taking pictures of coffee beans and the shop, etc. Probably the most fun I had on any college project, period.

Final Exam
This one was a site we had to put together during the timed final, I have to say I had some fun with it. My favorite part is the robot eating the button.

This one is especially fitting because I put together a bibliography for blogging. I link to a lot of bloggers that I still read on a regular basis and I think it is probably my favorite thing I did for that class.

PS. Some of the roommates and I just got back from seeing Blades of Glory, I have to say I about busted a rib laughing so hard.


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