another plug for Writer’s Almanac

April 10, 2007

I just read this great poem from last Tuesday’s Almanac (another fringe benefit of spring break is that when you get back you have a week’s worth of daily email poems to read).  For fear of copyright issues I won’t show you the whole thing, but here is a brief stanza

The reflector telescope I thought would unlock
the mysteries of the heavens
but which I only used once or twice
to try to find something heavenly
in the windows of the high-rise down the road,
and which now stares disconsolately at the ceiling
when it could be examining the Crab Nebula:

Go read the rest of this wonderful poem (Written by George Bilgere and published in his book Haywire)

Update: You should also check out Monday’s Almanac to read about how Casanova was a librarian.  I kid you not, a classy career choice indeed.


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