seattle, baby

April 2, 2007

So here I am at the MVS house in Seattle, enjoying the fine hospitality of Meryl and her housemates. I am loving the reconnecting time with Meryl and Katie, lots of fun. I love friendships that even if you don’t see each other for a long time, when you do the connection is all ready and waiting. Since arriving we have done the following cool things:

  • made baozi
  • gotten Meryl completely hooked on Firefly
  • made crepes
  • attended church (the first time I have been able to go in around 3 weeks, plus there were hymns!)
  • take lots of buses, everywhere
  • gone to Pike Street Market and saw hot fisher-type men throw fish around
  • eaten good Mediterranean food
  • eaten at a lovely Indian food buffet
  • gone on the chocolate tour at Theo Chocolate (the tour is only 5 dollars, but beware, you will want to buy their chocolate, in fact it might be necessary for your life to continue as you know it)
  • and you know wandered around in this pretty cool city

Oh, oh and I bought a backpack! Katie, Meryl and I went to REI after church on SundayEagle Creak Maiden Voyage Travel Pack and Meryl had a 20% off coupon, so I found a backpack and bought it. It is beautiful and it shall be my precious and carry all my stuff around the world and it will get worn and be dirty and oh so lovely. This is the pretty, pretty. It has a detachable day pack and all the pack suspension parts can be tucked up into this zippered compartment, so when you take it on a plane it doesn’t get all ripped up. I got to try it out on our way back from the REI store and I think I am really gonna love it, all for a total price of less than $200.

Now I am contemplating ideas about library school, putting down roots, weather, goals, money and cameras.



  1. Cleopatra MISSES you! And I might miss you a little bit too. What are we going to do with ourselves while you’re gone for 2……whole…….months…..?

  2. you made baozi??

  3. […] know how I told you about making baozi, here’s proof.  Plus I threw in a fablous french woman, aren’t you all so glad you […]

  4. […] doesn’t love an essentially free loan.”* So she planned and bought airplane tickets and a backpack and a new love-of-her-life fancy ass camera and life was good. Summer came and she went on the trip […]

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