Because long posts tire my poor little brain

March 30, 2007

Right now the cat is contentedly soaking up the warmth of my leg as she makes an odd arm rest for my arm.  She has finally begun to seriously shed, which combined with her unusual recent surge in neediness (ie. pet me, pet me now!) means I spend most of my day walking around with cat hair all over me.  Which tends to also increase my sense that I will soon be that crazy lady with 17 cats who lives in some apartment everywhere and makes a bad name for single women.

Anyways moving on, I am leaving for Seattle tomorrow, where I will be reunited with long lost college roommate and long lost college friend.  Unlike most trips I go on, I really have nothing planned for this one.  I mean I bought the tickets and that is approximately where my plan stopped.  So who knows what I will be doing for the next 5 days.  I welcome suggestions!

Also this means that spring break has indeed arrived, which is obviously a good thing, but part of me is beginning to realize that along with the awesome ending of the year that this even heralds it also brings about the ending of the salary.  So I really should stop buying random crap from Amazon, especially if I want to buy a camera, a backpack and a pair of pants all before the huge summer trip.

Okay now off to the library and bank!


  1. I loved reading about your cat! I don’t know how the old-maid-with-cats stereotype evolved as a pejorative image. Given that cats and women are separately perfect, they must be considered awesome in combination.

  2. very good point, we should definitely try to change that stereotype, cats and women unite! 🙂

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