post sick day*

March 29, 2007

So while being sick this week has been the pits, I find myself rather reticent to complain too loudly (although my roommates can attest that I did a fair amount of moaning and groaning when my sinus swelled up to the size of imaginary watermelon) because for heavens sake I have 10 sick days at my disposal. Granted I had used 3 previously this year, but taking another 2 days this week to get myself feeling like life again, wasn’t a problem at all. Plus next week I won’t have to work at all due to the phenomena called “Spring Break”. Yes, yes my dear readers, that is what makes days like this one, all worth it.

Several people this week have been writing posts about why they blog or how they blog, etc. So I figured, who doesn’t love a good bandwagon! Here are some reasons I blog.

1. I have always been a haphazard journaler, an aweful letter writer, but also a pretty good emailer. Put all this together and you get a person who is too lazy to actually write things down in pretty book, but is all to willing to spend hours typing out random little notes and sending them into the big world of Internet.

2. Reading other people’s blogs.** I have been reading blogs like Dooce, Greek Tragedy, and others for years. From them I began to stumble across others like A Girl and a Boy or Slack Daily, and lots more that you can check out over there on the left in the Blogroll.

3. Recently reading other people’s blogs has begun to slowly include commenting, for a long time I was a great lurker, always reading and never speaking up. Partially this was because while I did have a few friends with blogs, most of the people who I was reading were the unknown internets. Therefore I just didn’t quite have the courage to click on the link at the bottom and write something.  Now however I love the way it brings me new connections like 10 things and Pantalones Del Fuego.

4. Blogging lets me tell little stories and quotes about my life which otherwise would go completely missed. For example today when leaving work I ran into Hot Sweater Man and get this I actually met his glance and smiled at him. This was pretty awesome, because first of all he is kinda dreamy and his smile does really fun things to my stomach. Secondly because as lame as those last two sentances sound, this is progress for me folks! The problem is that I am a horrible flirt (not in the “I flirt all the time” kinda way, more in the “I really haven’t figured out how to flirt” kinda way***). For years I have been practicing the flirting method, employed by junior highers everywhere, of ignoring the subject of attraction and hoping in some twisted way that this will of course bring about some kind of connection. Fortunately I have managed to improve some over the years as evidenced by my ability to now smile and make eye contact with men such as Hot Sweater Man.

5. All this segues nicely into community, another reason I blog. Now I am not sure how blog stats fit into all this (they do oddly enough), but I like the idea of people all over the world (hello to the 3 people from Romania!) stumbling across the blog and reading the same thoughts out of my head.  Yes there probably is some ego there, but not too much because the numbers of random readers usually averages 20-30 people a day.

6. Blogging is also an excuse for me to try to mess around with css and make pretty things in photoshop, which helps quite down the part of me that thinks I should have majored in Graphic Design and not History.

7. The world of blogging also opens up new resources for me.  For example I get great new music from Kyle’s great music blog, I found my current favorite album (Cannibal Sea by Essex Green) from a mix put together by the amazing Dutch over at Sweet Juniper, plus I just got some great camera advice through an email exchange with Leah from Agirlandaboy, and I am considering trying out some of this stuff that Amalah recomends over at Alphamom.

Okay there you go, my list of 7 reasons I blog.  So nows the question for the rest of yee’alls, why do you blog?

* alternate title “just one more way working in education is going to spoil me for any real job in the future

** Alert, alert, sentence fragment, run away run away!

***Now my close friends will claim that I do flirt in my own way, but I tend to see this joke-making, story-telling way of interaction as my comfort zone behavior and not something particularly good at attracting the opposite sex.



  1. Hi Abby!

    I read through some of your archives and noticed you spent some time in China. In the very early part of mine (November of 05) you’ll find the trip report that my fiance wrote about our trip to China. Thought you might be interested in reading about a completely different travel-in-China experience! (and thanks for the link!)


  2. with your style of flirting you might actually meet more people worth forming relationships with. Stick with the real stuff is what I say.

    On your reasons for blogging 3, none of my friends blog and when I tell them I’ve discovered blogging they either ask, what’s that , or they laugh until they wet their pants, so I generally always comment if a post is interesting enough to spark a thought in my head.

  3. Bindi
    Thanks for the advice, despite my complaining about not being able to “flirt” in the traditional sense, I too have thought that I will probably have better luck just being myself.

  4. stumbled upon your blog and i thought i’d comment since i’ve been known to ‘lurk’ around blogs as well. i can’t even quite remember how i found yours–probably typed in mennonite-something or other in my search engine! i would actually have to say that yours inspired me to start my own–thanks:)

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