new header

March 27, 2007

I finally got around to making my own header, but I am still trying to get my css to allow me to change some other things such as font color. Credit for the header goes to Becca for use of her camera (although I think I took the picture, someone else in the apartment might have) and also to Jason Gaylor of DesignFruit for the Photoshop brushes.  Oh and of course the star of it all, Biscuit herself! I chose this picture mainly because of the contentment it gets across, plus I liked the composition.

All feedback welcome! PS. Still sick, will probably not be going to work tomorrow 😦


  1. I really like the new header. Its very cool. It’s cute the way the L is scratching Biscuit’s belly. I especially like the use of the Japanese foliage brushes in the corner. But I didn’t notice them until you gave credit in the blog post. I wonder if you might change their shade or color from the rest of the background to highlight them more. You might even consider expanding them a bit. What would it look like if both the title and the foliage were black?

  2. You got a shout out from our fellow blogger Phil! I’m totally jealous 😉 I love the new header. CLEOPATRA sure does sleep in funny ways. The whole thing works well, although it would be interesting to see what Tim’s suggestions did to it. Feel better sweetheart!

  3. Love the new header. Damn if designfruit doesn’t have the best brushes.

  4. NICE HEADER, yo! BTW, my family is from Hutterite territory. Call me Hutterboi! Or maybe not.

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