another great mystery of the universe

March 22, 2007

“My socks came in a resealable bag?!”

*stares at me in exasperation*

“Hey, it wasn’t my fault!”

“I mean I could understand cheese, but socks?”



  1. i know, right? i’ve had socks in the resealable bag before… do they do that so they’re easy to repackage if you return them? And if so, did you just buy already worn socks? sigh.

  2. They do this because people open bags of socks in the store. I kid you not. Before they started making them resealable, stores lost a lot of inventory because people would open the bags and then not buy them, and so the packaging was unsalable. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. I don’t know why people want to open sock packages, but they do.

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