time zones

March 19, 2007

Time sure is a weird thing, this weekend I spent much of it not entirely sure what time it was.  Therefore I don’t know if I got enough sleep, I don’t know how long our shopping trip was, but I sure did have a good time.  See the problem with time zones is that when one travels from Chicago to a small town in Michigan and meets up with a friend who is traveling from Indiana and then you spend all day Saturday in Michigan City outlet malls (actually located in Indiana), one is bound to get a wee bit confused.  I was handling the switch from Central to Eastern alright, but when really threw us for a loop was the fact that Michigan City (obviously already suffering from a state identity crisis) is actually on Illinois time (so to better aid the vans of middle aged women from Chicago who come to shop there).  By around Saturday evening I had really lost all sense of time and just decided to sleep when I felt like it and wake up when I felt like it.

Highlights from the weekend included

– hanging out with C-dawg for the first time in a few months. 
-buying ridiculous sundresses even though it isn’t officially spring yet
-eating bacon for breakfast twice (I think this means I won’t be craving the stuff for another 6 months or so)
-walking down to the lake in my pj’s under the stars (and also freezing my ass off, due to the fact that it is STILL winter)
-walking down to the lake in the morning in my new flip flops and freezing my toes off
-hanging out with my always lovable roommates


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