March 15, 2007

I don’t really feel like putting together a well conceived linear post today (not like I ever really do), so here are some of the cool things/thoughts that have happened this week so far (I was inspired to embrace this random format today by Metrodad). (check that 2 parenthetical remarks in one sentence, how cool am I!)

Article 1:
Cat Comic

This cartoon was sent to me by my amazing younger brother and was very fitting because I have currently taken to calling the cat:

kitten bo bitten banana fanana fo fitten fe fi fo kitten

so obviously this cartoon is very fitting.

Article 2:
I finally completed my Illinois taxes and unless I messed something up, I owe the great state of Illinois and my new home the grand total of 1.53.  Obviously this is going to be a big blow to my checkbook.  I also owe the great state of Indiana a whole $26, which is slightly more painful, however the great federal government makes up for all of that by owing me around $300.  So now I am obviously going to retire early and just live off of my refund.

Article 3:
I have been in a relatively good mood for like almost a week now, and yes I think it may be slightly related to the 70 degree weather Chicago had yesterday.  Yes you read that correctly, 70 frickin degrees.  Plus I kinda got to be outside for a little bit because I had a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day, which required walking (very slowly with lots of looking at the sky and deep breaths) to the parking lot, some driving Steph’s car (with the sunroof down) to the doctor’s office, and then some more walking back to the building (slightly faster walking due to the fact that the appointment took almost 2 hours).

Article 4:
Hmm, I couldn’t sworn I had another thing to say here, uh, oh well.  I guess that was a waste of your time.

Article 5:
Oh oh, I remembered, the parade was lots of fun on Sunday.  In a tricky reversal, these pictures are Steph’s (that she took using my camera, which I am probably going to be selling to her).

Amanda, Becca, and Me
Amanda, Becca and me pimpin Amanda’s cool green Irishwear.  I was so impressed that later I went over to CVS (which had large signs saying that they were out of/not selling alcohol) and bought an “Irish Princess” shirt, of course which I am neither.

Men in kilts, Men in kilts!

Oh and there were also lots of men in kilts, dogs with green hair, fake curly wig wearin little girls, oh and elmo and spiderman.

Article 6:
I am once again, trying to decide which camera to buy.  These are the finalists (in random order):

So you all should comment wildly and tell me which camera I should buy, why spring isn’t here to stay, what you did for the past 3 days, and why cats make people go all silly.


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