obviously too much free time

March 15, 2007

Through BoingBoing I found the Freakanomics blog and then they lead me to this link, where John Hargrave from Zug.com attempted to get the credit card companies to actually care what he signed on his credit card receipts. 

“Finally, I know of no law that says your signature has to be in your own alphabet. So I found a website which converted my name to Egyptian hieroglyphics. Although “John Hargrave” was too long to remember, “John” was just snake, bird, caterpillar:
The counter clerk at the salon was busy with a phone call, and didn’t notice. On my way out the door, I realized it would have been funnier if I had signed it “Ra.” Which got me to thinking: what if I didn’t even sign with my own name?”

This makes me feel like just writing “Please see ID” on my credit card isn’t quite enough.

Oh and this is interesting news for all you generic drug buyers who shop at Walgreens.  Apparently Costco is good for something!

PS. Steph 1 Abby 0


One comment

  1. See! See! See! I’ve recently decided to stop signing with my full name. First of all, signing a small peice of paper with a baby strapped to your stomach is hard. Second, I’m tired of squishing the “ler” onto the end of my name because the paper is too short.

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