March 11, 2007

So is everyone enjoying the little trick that occurred last night around 2am?  Or should I say, the 2am that never happened?  Although I am annoyed at being getting only 7 hours of sleep, I do like the early morning sun in my window.

Maybe the weather today will be as good as yesterday’s, which was amazing!  It felt like spring, not quite tee-shirt weather, but definitely no winter coat weather.  And it was really neat being out and about because I could see a glimpse of Evanston in the summer, people were everywhere.  Joggers, parents with babies, shoppers, walkers, bikers, etc were on every street corner.  I think this city is ready for spring.

Yesterday was also a rather momentous day because along with trying out a NIA class with Jess and Shari in the morning (I didn’t know it was NIA until we got there, but wow it was fun and a good workout), Jess and I then went to the library and did some major trip planning.  So now we have reservations for every night of our 2 week trip, save one and train tickets!  I have to say though, I started to get just a little shaky after all this purchasing.  Let’s just say my budget for England may not work out according to plan.

Oh and last night was our game night, it turned out smaller than expected due to a lot of people being out of town for the weekend.  However our small group still had a good time playing Settlers of Cattan, Tichu and Dou Dijou, so a good night all around.

And, drum roll please, I found my digital camera!  I probably never even told you all that it was lost, but it was.  It turned out to be in my black purse pocket that I thought I checked in before, but there it was.  So once again I am united with my camera, just in time to possibly sell it to steph.

Okay, enough rambling for this morning, I need to get ready for the Southside Irish Parade!


One comment

  1. i just started reading “the book of flying” by keith miller. it’s so beautiful (so far). add it to the list o’ books!

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