chocolate lounge

March 9, 2007

Last night because our apartment was deprived of any new tv (what’s up with having so many breaks from new shows, I’m talking to you Grey’s Anatomy!) we decided to actually leave our apartment!  Yes I know quite a shocking concept, but I have decided that despite my repeated searches over the last 5 months there are no single men/new people to meet hiding somewhere in our apartment.  Again, I know this is shocking, but believe me I have looked everywhere, even in the back corner of the hallway closet.  So last night, Becca, Steph and I decided to try out Ethel’s Chocolate Lounge at their Evanston location.  We took along Settler’s of Cattan and ordered drinks and chocolates (hint, try their cinnamon truffles, they are amazing!). and proceeded to play a lovely little game.  Now this in and of itself is also an accomplishment, because I think my roommates would agree, we all have a fairly high level of competitiveness in us, so sometimes games can get a little high in tension.  But this one we all managed to play competitively without ruining each other’s attempts, which I think was also helped by the fact that we had all just consumed chocolate and were therefore full of endorphins and non-grumpiness.

This excursion last night comes in the middle of a week of gold star social events by our apartment, Monday nightwe attended Potluck, Wednesday night we went to Brothers K coffeeshop and played card games, Saturday night we are having people over for a game night and Sunday we are going to attend a St. Patrick’s day parade.  So yeah, 5 gold social stars for us!


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