exactly what I needed

March 5, 2007

Tonight I really didn’t want to go to potluck, I mean trying to make small talk and failing once again to feel like I am actually connecting to people in this town, no thanks.  But then I decided fine, I’ll give it another shot and so I went anyways and tonight turned out to be exactly what I needed.  Small group is so wonderful and so simple at the same time.  There were 5 of us there and so we each just shared about our week and then prayed for each other.  I didn’t share a whole lot, just that my family was in town for the weekend, and that I had been feeling a little low in energy recently.  And then one of the members of my small group prayed for me and said the words that I hadn’t said about needing to feel loved by God and needing to feel special.  It is an amazing thing to hear one’s needs articulated by another and it was the emotional equivalent of a warm hug.

So now I am feeling just a little bit more hopeful about this next week, maybe just maybe spring really will come and my life will get warmer!



  1. of course I know who you are Abby! And i’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks, ever since I saw that someone linked to my blog from yours. (i’m a serious dork like that.)

    Thanks for the threadless referral. That’s 3 cold hard bucks in my future threadless pocket.

    Your blog reads really well. Very articulate and thoughtful.

  2. […] excursion last night comes in the middle of a week of gold star social events by our apartment, Monday nightwe attended Potluck, Wednesday night we went to Brothers K coffeeshop and played card games, […]

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